Bearhug 5

versus Neil, Rikki and Skull 

Headlock / Scissors Combo

versus Eric and Mickael and tagteams with Rikki against them

Big guy Wesley, really takes it to Eric in this matchup. This is a Headock and Scissors tape, so Wesley totally punishes poor Eric with endless side headlocks...

...and head scissors.

Wesley, oh so easily, tosses Eric around the mat.

And then goes back to the headlocks, as he pounds his elbow into Eric's back.

With Eric's face pushed into his big blue briefs... a face smothering fig-4 scissor hold is too much to handle. That's looks like a great place to pass out.

Then it's Mickael's turn to suffer the same fate as Eric.

And some laying side headlocks.

Wesley has a great time demolishing Mickael.

So easy for this powerhouse of a man.

Big muscular hulk Wesley, turns on his partner Rikki, and aids his opponents Eric and Mickael in his demolition. Here he goes to work on Rikki's knee.

Then after Rikki is out cold, Wesley overtakes both Eric and Mickael, with a double side headlock.