Hunks #2

versus Neil

Joey Succumbs #2

versus Dino and Joey

Even with all of Joey's new muscle bod, he has a real difficult time with the huge muscleman Steve. Joey winces as his head is crushed between Steve's huge arms and chest in this sideheadlock.

A solid bodyscissors keeps the pressure on Joey and Steve continues the neck punishment on him.

A camel clutch with hair pulling, and Joey is in job land again.

Steve enjoys puishing Joey's well muscled back with bearhugs, lifing him easily off the floor as he squeezes Joey hard.

Joey's face tells it all... mashed up against the solid muscleman's body, until he almost passes out.

Joey finally succumbs to a sleeper hold, as he feels the big bicep zapping his energy away.

What a fantastic body on the big Steve. He will be a difficult opponent for any of the PWP wrestlers.

Dino suffers much the same way as Joey. Even though Dino brings to the match a huge ego, and a much bigger build... Steve contols Dino with back punishment.

Kneeling on Dino's hands behind his back and stretching his back over and over in a stunning camel clutch. Dino can't do a thing to defend himself.

Almost subdued, Steve continues his assault with a whole lot of bear hugging. Dino gets crushed in Steve's powerful grip.

Swinging poor Dino around off the ground, Steve dominates Dino with his power.

Two matches and two wins for the new hunk. Check out the fantastic bicep on our winner. This guy is a monster.