Bearhug 5

versus Neil, Rikki and Skull 

Rough and Raunchy 7

versus Eric and Mickael and tagteams with Rikki against them

Skull totally dominates 3 other HUGE men in this bearhug challenge tape. Even powerhouse Wesley, is not much of a match for this PWP hunk. It's great to watch Skull as he buries his face into these guys as he pours on the pressure with his holds.

He breaks Wesley down even more with powerful full nelsons. Skull has his big opponent begging for him to stop.

Neil, too, is another big man that didn't stand a chance against Skull. He is taken down and mounted crotch to chest, as Skull intimidates him with his strength.

Neil suffers very brutal bearhugging, in the muscular arms of Skull.

Neil even asks for Tyler's assistence in trying to overtake big Skull. Tyler's physique rivals that of Skull. His bearhug attack on Skull is strong and hard, as Neil armbars that bandaged arm of Skull. 2 on 1.

But, the mighty Skull rebounds from this lop-sided attack and when Tyler leaves, he goes right back to work on the hot hunk, Neil. First with full nelsons...

...And when Neil is almost passed out in Skull's big arms...'s back to bearhugging Neil's hot body until Neil finally submits.