'Freaky' Frank


 Hunks 2

versus the Rebel

Doomed and Dominated 2

versus Bobby and Mathieu Morin

Freaky gets mean with Big Bobby, sideheadlocking him...

...tossing him on the mat and working that heel into his shoulders as he surfboards the big man.

Still wreaking havoc on Bobby's back and neck, Frank manouvers a camel clutch on him and... rocks away!

Mathieu gets into a little gutpunching with Frank. Here Freaky is unloading some smacks into Morin's abs.

Not letting up, Frank does some nasty sideheadlocking on Mathieu. Nice.

Then still working on that neck of Mathieu, Frank headscissors and armbars him for added punishment.

Frank lets the Rebel have a knee to the gut in their test of strength.

Still dominating the much more experienced PWP hunk, Frank gets nasty with the Rebel.