D. Vedette


Sleeper 8

versusJay, Yannick and Sexxy Eddie

Vedette is one great looking guy. One heck of a hot body. He is about the size and build of his first rival Jay, but doesn't have Jay's wrestling experience. In Vedette's debut matchup, these two hunks meet... AND... Jay has a great time beating up on this new hot looking hunk.

Vedette does manage to get that big bicep around Jay's neck, where he does a bit of flexing. Watching these two hunks packages, is just too much!!! Thanks Dan.

Yannick meets Vedette, in his first matchup too. Vedette does enjoy attempting a sleeper on the big hunk, where he gets to squeeze that big bicep some more... BUT Yannick is just too much to handle for Vedette.

Taking on BIG Sexxy Eddie, Vedette gives him a taste of that sleeper. This time sitting down comfortably... as he pours on the pressure. He almost succeeds at it, and Eddie suffers, feeling that big bicep flex under his chin.


Vedette takes the big hunk Eddie down to the mat. Here he punishes that neck some more with a fig-4 leg sleeper. Eddie's face getting mushed into Vedette's fine looking, bulged out, red crotch. Vedette is freaking hot!!