PWP Wrestling presents

Introduction to Destruction

 In this first video from PWP's newest location, The PWP Warehouse, 'Bad Boy' challenges 'The Rebel' to a rematch.

You remember at the end of 'Rebellion', 'The Rebel' blindsided 'Bad Boy' in order to win the match and take over the 'crown' of 'The Heel' of PWP.

'Bad Boy' knows 'The Rebel' is no match for him and to prove it, he has challenged any three wrestlers from PWP to take him on. If he loses, he will resign from PWP and give up the crown to 'The Rebel' .

If he wins, it is PAYBACK time for The Rebel. Dan (PWP) provided two 'easy' wrestlers for Bad Boy to destroy. Sébastien pleaded with Dan to be included in this round because he felt he could defeat Bad Boy. What could I do??

The result... 'Rebellion 2 '

the Matches

 Match #1

Bad Boy vs Nick

 Match #2

Sebastian vs Mario

 Match #3

Nick vs Sebastian

 Match #4

Bad Boy vs Sebastian

Match #5

Bad Boy vs Mario 

Match #6

Round Robin 


the Wrestlers


Bad Boy





 Preview Pics


Nick is ready for Sleep


Nick in a devastating figure four scissors.

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