PWP Wrestling presents


Match #1

Alexi vs Jimmy

Match #2

Gabriel vs Joey

Match #3

Alexi vs Joey

Match #4

Gabriel vs Jimmy

Match #5

Joey vs Jimmy

Match #6

Alexi vs Gabriel


Alexi vs Gabriel

(with some outside interference)

Alexi smirks as he takes command of the first fall.

But the Intense One reverses and has Alexi grimacing in pain.

Those powerful legs wrapped around Alexi's neck...

...and some finger and wrist twisting have Alexi in agony!

But a punch to Gab's leg and Alexi finds himself...

...again in control over the powerful Gab!

Gab regains control and clamps those powerful arms around Alexi's neck.

Alexi fights to extricate himself but can't escape while Gab leisurely watches his opponent go to sleep... or so he thinks.

As he walks away to declare victory, Alexi jumps up and clamps a sleeper on Gab. Alexi had faked been knocked out!!

Alexi has Gab down for the count but out of nowhere Joey runs onto the mat and blind sides Alexi.

Gab thanks his new found buddy and proceeds to destroy...

...Alexi. What will Alexi do to avenge his disgrace??