3rd Annual Wrestling Bash

versus Rene

 the Rebel Compilation 2

versus the Rebel

the Brandon Compilation

versus Brandon

The Dyllon Compilation #2

versus Dyllon

Sleeper 2

versus Danny Boy, Rico, and Special K


versus Special K, Joey and Estevan

 the 2nd Annual Wrestling Bash

versus Simon


versus Brandon and Mick

Maulled and Manhandelled

versus Kid Q, Dyllon and Pistol Pete


versus Kid Q and Kid TNT

MatAttack #3

versus Sean, Stephan and tagteams with Sexy Steve


versus the Rebel, Mike Manson and in a Round Robin including Simon and Bad Boy

the 1st Annual Wrestling Bash

versus Denis Richard

Sebastien just keeps getting better and better looking. His power is more evident as he destroys opponent after opponent.

Mike Manson is bent baskwards by those big arms of Sebastien.


Mike also suffers repeated backbreakers and is beaten.

The Rebel gets a great view of Sebastien's goods. Great abs.

All Pistol can feel is Sebastien's muscular bicep around his neck taking the fight out of him.

Kid Q is in a whole lot of trouble as Sebastien tosses this fig-4 (face-down) headscissors on him.


Denis also suffers a big side headlocks, with Sebastians big arms wrapped around his neck.


Sean suffers this huge backbreaking hold at the hands of Sebastien.


Stephan gets to feel Sebastien's great body all over his back as he suffers in this big long full nelson.


Dyllon has a nice view of Sebastien's torso as those big legs squeeze his head.


Sebastien is masterful at his holds. Mick suffers all over here... his arms, back, shoulders, legs... he's bent and stretched all over.


This textbook fig-4 headscissors has Mick solidly held down... wearing him down...


...flips him over and rubs his face in the mat, humiliating the smaller hunk.


Sebastien with the size advantage easily controls Mick, tossing him around and bullying him.


Big Brandon is a challenge for our musclehunk. Here the Asian Assasin is in a bit of painful trouble.


In usual Sebastien fashion, using multiple holds, he has Brandon hurting in a few ways... arms and shoulders stretched out rubbing his face in the mat.


Sebastien continues his assault on his muscular opponent with this beautiful figure-4 headscissors... with lots of pressure added by holding his toe and squeezing hard.

Sebastien has picture perfect holds as he uses all that muscle in all of his tough hold, Simon finds out. He beems with pride as he roughs up his opponents. Here he throws on a solid sideheadlock...


... a beautiful backbreaker...


...his signature upside down bearhug...


...his tight headscissors...


...look at this bearhug...WOW...


...a solid nelson. Simon's chin digging in painfully into his chest, and his shoulders and back being ripped back hard...


...and another signature hold of Sebastien's. Arms, legs, back, shoulders, all being worked over dominantly.


Joey feels the might from big Seb's big arms and all his power.


Estevan gets a taste of one of Sebastien's patent holds, a step in toe hold, and Estevan is no match for the big hunk.


A LOT of muscle in this match-up, that goes back and forth. Here Special K's shoulders get some working over in this muscle battle.


Sebastien stays on those shoulders, working them in every direction. The massive Special K has a hard time with equally built, Sebastien. Awesome match-up!!