the Scottish Cowboy


the Brandon Compilation

versus Brandon and tagteams with the Rebel against Brandon and Bed Boy

The Rebel's Return

versus Mad Maxx, the Rebel and Andre

Rebellion #3

versus Brandan, Bad Boy and tagteams with the Rebel  against Brandon and Bad Boy

The Scottish Cowboy has a great physique... he really has Brandan held hard in this chokehold.

Then in this full nelson where he drives Brandan's chin hard into his chest and really stretches out his neck.

Now that he has the big guy down, he tosses him into this single leg crab and leans back hard on his back, working him well.

He gets the Bad One layed out in this side headlock, with his big bicep tightly under his chin and great leverage.


The Scottish Cowboy has a great physique, and tosses all his might into some arm/bicep torture on big hunk Mad Maxx.


He tries to take the wheels out from under his well muscled opponent.


Here he works the Rebel's big arm and shoulder to slow him down a bit.


He made a great opponent for PWP's mega-hunk, as the Rebel suffers a fantastic full nelson with his chin dug deep and his big shoulders pulled way back. His attack focused on working over those big shoulders of the Rebel.


Look at the pain he is inflicting on the big guy, still working those shoulders and arms over and trapping him between those great legs torturing the Rebel's torso.


With the Rebel's arms all limp from being worked over he continues squeezing that upper body of the Rebel, this time with a bearhug.


The Scottish Cowboy proved to be a formidable opponent for PWP's hero.