PWP Wrestling presents

The Second Scissors Tape

 Match #1

Sean vs Stéphan

Long-held (several minutes) head scissors with a devastating sleeper ending.

WOW….have these two put on the muscle. Stephan is definitely one of the most sculpted men that PWP has seen yet. Sean is a very vocal guy and likes to flex and yell for the camera when he is in charge. Stephan is slow to get up and is hurting after Sean puts on a very long held variation head scissors. You'd think these guys heads are going to pop off at some points. Stephan gets in his own long held headscissors, then a sleeper body scissors that Sean is sure not to escape and goes down. Stephan looks awesome.  


Sean has Stéphan locked-up.


Stéphan with some hair pulling.

 Match #2

Sexy Steve vs Sean

Steve and Sean exchange long held scissors until one succumbs. Who do you think triumphs?

 Lot's of muscle on Steve too, these guys look incredible. Sexy starts this one with a very long debilitating head scissors on Sean, then he chokes Sean, and then another head scissors. Sean though isn't up to loosing two in a row. He manages to match Steve's squeeze for a simultaneous headscissors. The punishment of Steve starts there, after which he wraps his powerful arms around Steve for a sleeper to end this one. Steve looks great going down and Sean is pleased with himself as he humiliates the lifeless hunk.


Sean has Steve in a embarassing postion.


Steve likes to 'hot dog' as much as posible. Here he tells Dan (PWP) he is #1. We will have to wait and see who wins this match-up.

 Match #3

Stéphan vs Sexy Steve

Stéphan dominates this match. But Sexy Steve has a few tricks up his sleeve...or does he?

 Look at this one. Sexy Steve versus Sexy Stephan. These two have fun posing before the match. Both adonis' look awesome. Stephan starts with a big body scissors headlock, then fig-4 headlock with an armbar and won't let go. Steve is helpless in this hold. Stephan confidently hangs on to his muscled victim as he squirms to no avail. Steve reverses the hold and you will love to watch him as he tortures Stephan in a headscissors and flexes proudly over Stephan's muscle. Steve's a great showman. When Stephan does break the hold he is immediately put into a sleeper that there is no escape. Steve and those big arms, he loves so much, can do you in and Stephan experiences how. Great muscle matchup.


Stéphan has his patented figure four head scissors on Steve...a very long held and punishing hold.


Steve cries out in agony.

'Brief Action' Matches 4, 5 & 6