PWP Wrestling presents

The 4th Scissor's Tape

Match #1

Sean vs Felix

Match #2

Kid K vs Christopher

Match #3

Sean vs Christopher

Match #4

Kid K vs Felix

Match #5

Kid K vs Sean

Match #6

Christopher vs Felix

The 4th Scissors Tape

6 Matches AND over 2 Hours



The Kombat Kid has become one hell of a heel! In this, the 4th Scissors Tape, he dominates all his opponents.

His Kombat Police head scissors has his opponents begging for mercy!

Which he NEVER gives. He will claw, nipple twist, hair pull his way to victory.

He gloats over his subdued opponents and then scratches their eyes!


All are under his control when he clamps on his Kombat Police head scissors.


Other wrestlers include Sean (seen here nipple pinching his fallen opponent), Christopher and Paul.

 DVD - $40.00