PWP Wrestling presents


Match #1

Kid TNT vs Lenny

Match #2

Lenny vs Gemini

Match #3

Kid TNT vs Colin

Match #4

Gemini vs Colin

Match #5

Kid TNT vs Gemini

Match #6

Lenny vs Colin

Match #7

Tag Match

Match #7


Lenny & Kid TNT vs Colin & Gemini

This tag team match has Lenny & Kid TNT take on Colin & Gemini. early on the two heels have some fun with toy boy Colin...

Another punch for Colin, courtesy of the Kid...

...groin work is all part of the business of staying on top...

...but when Colin tries it with a little help from Gemini...

...well the veteran heels double team the punk and have some fun with him... far can you stretch him Lenny??

Lenny almost has Colin out for the count but when the Kid interferes, Gemini jumps in and...

... this mix-up results with Lenny, Colin, the Kid and Gemini on the mat.

... the Kid is after Colin's basket again... he is helping Lenny with a figure-four on Colin.

The two heels put both victims to sleep and after winning the match...

..they take pleasure parading their prey around the mat..What a pair? Will they return in the next Rough and Raunchy match-up? Will there be another Rough and Raunchy tape? Let me know. Do you want to see more?