PWP Wrestling presents


Match #1

Kid TNT vs Lenny

Match #2

Lenny vs Gemini

Match #3

Kid TNT vs Colin

Match #4

Gemini vs Colin

Match #5

Kid TNT vs Gemini

Match #6

Lenny vs Colin

Match #7

Tag Match

Match #3


Kid TNT loves to punish Colin..There is soemthing about Colin that just energies the Kid.

Every chance he gets he LOVES to punch Colin...

...and he delivers more punches that FTD delivers flowers.

Oh my, how the Kid loves to torture Colin... and Colin is helpless to retaliate...

...or so I thought. A grab from behind just makes the Kid want to hurt Colin even more!

A punishing squeeze... followed by foot in the groin... ouch...

...a figure-four leg lock has Colin reeling in pain... how much more can he endure?

The Kid loves to hit the youngster. Here he delivers a knock-out head-butt.

Once down on the mat, Lenny gets his fill of Colin's big basket.

The puts him in the air and parades the punk for all to see...

... before he is through with the boy, he proceeds to grab him in several headlocks and knocks Colin to the ground with punches he head!

The end in finally here for Colin. The Kid enjoyed his romp over this young punk. This was one of the best squashes I've seen in a long, long time!