PWP Wrestling presents

ROUGH & RAUNCHY #11: Special Events #2

Match #1

Tag Team Match

Match #2

Brutus vs 'Mad Dog'

Match #3

Brutus vs Marky

Match #4

'Dekker' vs 'Mad Dog'

Match #5

'Dekker' vs Marky




This handicap match pitches Dekker against Marky. The rules are simple... since Marky lost his last contest, he can be double teamed by any of the other three wrestlers... but only Dekker or Marky can win the fall.

A close-up of the punishing bear hug on Marky.

Marky's side headlock leaves himself vulnerable... attack by Brutus.

Marky is double-teamed and beat-up...

...then he is stretched with a devastating camel clutch.

'Mad Dog' enters the fray while Dekker chokes Marky while in a body scissors.

Mad Dog' punishes Marky's basket... first with his foot then with both hands!!

Marky does some grabbing of his own...

...(is that '100% Pure Beef' that I see on Marky's butt?)

Marky finds himself up against Brutus' foot in his throat and 'Mad Dog' goes after his privates.

 Dekker puts a figure-four on Marky...

...who reverses the hold...

...but all three wrestlers gang up on Marky and then leave him for Dekker. The SURPRISE ending will have you off your seat !!


 VHS - $40.00