'Smiling' ROMEO


Rough and Raunchy 7

versus Serge Legros, Skull and then tagteams with Sylvain against them

 Rough and Raunchy 6

versus Kid TNT, Serge Legros and Marc Lapoche

Rough and Raunchy 5

versus Guillaume, Marc Lapoche and Kid TNT

Romeo had a rough time with Guillaume, but he did manage to work over Guillaume's neck a bit. This is a really tight figure-4 headscissors on him. But it's Guillaume that makes Romeo suffer throughout this match-up.

Kid TNT almost looks like he is going to destroy Romeo, but Romeo punishes TNT's crotch to cut him down to size. Once TNT is on the mat, Romeo throws this crotch to face, headscissors on him...

...but when you think Romeo is going to finish off TNT, he doesn't. Romeo toses this super tight sleeper on him until TNT is out.

Romeo punishes TNT after the match hoisting him up into this torture rack.

Romeo looked like he was going to be victom to Marc Lapoche's onslaught, but then... Romeo comes back with crotch torture on Marc to soften the man, then a long full nelson. Romeo then muscles Marc into this backbreaker while he squeezes Marc's crotch tight.

Then Marc receives this standing headscissors, with continued ball torture.

Then it's lights out for Marc as he slowly drifts out, in this sleeper.

Romeo relishes in his victory over the big, tough Marc Lapoche.

Romeo held his own against the big, powerful Serge Legros. He manages this mighty full nelson on Serge, to soften the big hunk up.

Then after a painful backbreaker, Romeo holds the big man for a long time, in this nasty sleeper. Out goes Serge.

Romeo proudly flexes his might over the fallen Serge.

Romeo makes Lenny suffer in this great surfboard/leglock.


Then after a fig-4 headscissors, Romeo heads back to the surfboard/leglock, but he crams his foot into Lenny's balls, grabs onto Lenny's arms and rocks Lenny's whole body. That's ball torture!!


Then it's more ball torture, until Lenny can't take any more.