Match #1

Darren vs Jeremy

Match #2

Rebel vs Jeremy

Match #3

Rebel vs Darren

Match #4

Mickael vs Jeremy

Match #5

Mickael vs Rebel



THE REBEL thinks he will have an easy time with Mickael so he doesn't watch the match between Mickael and Jeremy. A quick punch and The Rebel... down on the mat facing the taunts and punishment from 'The Frenchman'.

An arm bar / leg lock combination has The Rebel in trouble..

MICKAEL LOVES to dish out punishment and abuse.

The Rebel knows he has to get Mickael inside those powerful legs if he is to have a...

...hope of resurrecting the match.

Mickael keeps trying to escape... and eventually does and...

...secures a leg lock on The Rebel.

The Rebel is weakened by a full nelson... look at those muscles bulge in Mickael's arms and chest.

What can the Rebel do??

He squirms and concedes the match only to find...

...the evil Frenchman put him out with chloroform!

Not once or twice but three times. As The Rebel awakens, he puts him out again... and again.

Can no one stop this evil man from France?


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