Mike Manson


 The Rebel Compilation

versus The Rebel

 the 2nd Annual Wrestling Bash

versus Bad Boy

In the Ring

versus Tony Marconi, Billy Boy Watson and tagteams with Kid TNT against them


versus the Rebel. Sebastian, Simon and in a round Robin that includes Bad Boy

Mike Manson is always good for tossing around the guys who are around his size.

Mike is a very lean, muscular, powerful and knows his wrestling holds. Tony gets racked up here.


A painful ab stretch.

Here Sebastion stuggles in one of Mike's big Cobra holds.


Mike stretches Simon out and really applies pressure to his already hurting back


He knows to wear a guy down in so many ways. He's talented In this case he has Simon in a mess of trouble hurting his back, arms, shoulders, legs...

His holds are solid which makes Mike pretty punishing.

And Mike usually gains control using any tactics he can.