this is a copy size of the PWP logo on shirts and iron-ons


$17.00 ($US)

 High quality 100% cotton white shirts. (The PWP logo at the top of this page, silkscreened over the left side chest. We will get up some pics of how they look, but for now... imagine.)

ALSO... YOUR CHOICE... Order a regular white t-shirt, OR show off your pipes in a white sleeveless t-shirt.

Very cool shirts.

To Order

E-mail Greg here, and let me know what you want (size and if you want to show off your arms or not).

Money-Orders are only accepted (for now). An order should take a couple weeks to process. This is a new venture for us so we will try to get you what you want as soon as possible.

Thanks for supporting PWP Wrestling.

 Here's the Animal wearing a PWP shirt.

 Check back often for more PWP stuff, and watch for the guys wearing PWP gear on the tapes. 

 Iron-ons (example at top of page)


Iron-ons are inexpensive and quick and easy to apply to most fabrics. Put them on your favorite shirt, shorts, jacket or singlet. A hot iron, and a few minutes is all it takes.

Try them...


And looking awesome with PWP Iron-ons on their wrestling gear

the Rebel... Dyllon... the Animal... and Brandan