3rd Annual Wrestling Bash

versus Brutus

Doomed and Dominated

versus Miguel and Bobby

Hunks of PWP

versus Brutus

Rough and Raunchy 11 - Special Events 2

versus Mike 'Mad Dog' Legros, Brutus and Dekker

Rough and Raunchy 10 - Special Events

versus Frederick and Derek

Marky and Frederick try to outmuscle eachother in this test of strength, with muscles flaring.

Marky outdoes hot hunk Frederick (in the test of strength), so he goes for the big guys back and lays into him with a numbing bearhug.

Then takes him to the mat and camel clutches him, still working over that hurting back.

Marky has the muscular Frederick in this sideheadlock... right where he wants him. All that muscle can't help you out of this tough hold... from a very tough man.

Marky takes Derek to the mat with this striking headscissors. Marky is a pretty hot guy.

Now that his neck is well worked over, Marky keeps the pressure there and continues to destroy the man.

Derek is definately outmuscled in this match-up... so Marky dishes out some ball torture too.

Marky manhandles Derek in every way, still straining as he works over the smaller man. Derek takes a big beating from this hot PWP hunk.