Mad Maxx


the Rebel Compilation 2

versus the Rebel

 Maxxed Out

versus Bad Boy, Kid Q and Jean-Marc

 the 1st Sleeper Tape

versus the Rebel, Angel and Special K

 The Rebel's Return

versus the Rebel, the Scottish Cowboy and Andre


The Scottish Cowboy get's twisted all up by PWP's newest mega-hunk. Mad Maxx is definately one of PWP's best built muscle guys. He easily dominates all in this, his debut.

The Mad One grounds the Cowboy and works that chest of his over, with titty twisting and pec pounding.

His dominant attitude is very hot. He makes the Scottish Cowboy suffer in this big sideheadlock.

Continuing his domination, he makes it look like he's putting no effort at all.

Another trick of his is his ear-biting. Here he shocks Andre with it in his assault on him.

Andre is powerless in the grasp of Maxx's big arms.

A solid backbreaker has Andre begging.

Andre's back is viciously worked over...

...and over by this new heel. Andre really gets manhandelled.

Mad Maxx is definately one of PWP's best.


And to make even a bigger debut in PWP, Mad Max shows his oustanding force, by destroying PWP's best built, cockiest, dominant, boldest wrestlers. Here he has the Rebel's big bicep wrapped around his neck, choking him with it , while gripping his foot and bow and arrowing him.


Continuing his complete dominance over our mega-hunk, and continuing his back torture, he wraps the Rebel up in a cradle, sucking the wind out of him.


Still working the Rebel's back, and again choking him with his own big bicep, Maxx smiles as he watches the Rebel helplessly wither in pain. He slowly and meticulously shows his dominance over the Rebel.


And just to really embarass PWP's best, he drops him down over his knee, bending the muscle hunk around his well built torso with power, still working over that aching back of the Rebel and chokes him. OUCHHH!!!


And still focused on that back his stretches the musclehunks helpless body out in this standing bow and arrow, smiling at his power and dominance. What a hunk!!!


Mad Maxx makes the Rebel's beating look so effortless. The Rebel looks devistated. His well worked over sexy body slowly being sleepered out, to end the brutal beating he took from a guy who is just making his debut in PWP. WOW!!!


Big guy, Bad Boy gets held one of Mad Maxx's headscissors... face to crotch.


The Bad One against the Mad One... A sleeper takes Bad Boy down.

And then he suffers some titty twisting. 


Jean-Marc's back is worked over by Mad Maxx... pressing his foot into J-M's crotch.

Maxx just dominates his opponents. Tough, powerful and skillful. 


Kid Q feels his pipes, shoulders and back getting worked over by Maxx.


Big muscular Kid Q is just dominated by Mad Maxx... here he gets bent back over Maxx's knee and getting choked.


Angel, quite a big guy, gets brutilized by Maxx.

The Mad one takes control and confidently outwrestles Angel. 


Mad Maxx is full of dirty tactics as Special K finds out.


Battle of the Bodies... Special K has a hard time against Maxx


Mad Maxx smiles as he looks down on his pained opponent, proud of his domination over the big guy.


Muscle Battle... MM kisses the Rebel's ear as he outwrestles him almost effortlessly.


Demonstrating his force, he chokes the Rebel as he forces him back over his knee.

 Then he adds in some pec punishment.

 And by the end he's humiliating the Rebel by rubbing his armpit in his face.