The Dyllon Compilation

versus Pistol Pete, Mick and Luke

New Era Wrestling 2

versus Pistol Pete, Mick and Luke

New Era Wrestling

versus Dyllon, David and Jason

Look how confidently Louie applies his holds... vicious and hard... his opponents suffer. He doesn't just choke David with this sideheadlock, he also covers his nose and mouth and smothers him...

...no way but out, eh David. Louie flexes over David's beaten body.

Vicious... as he headscissors Dyllon, choking him... he lays on one of Dyllons arms pinning it... he has Dyllons other arm pinned under him, behind his back and holds it... and with his free arm works Dyllons abs over with his fist... pounding hard...

In this dominating hold, Louie frontface scissors Jason, burying Jasons face in his crotch, and pulls hard on Jason's arm.

Pretty much the same vicious hold that Dyllon suffered... Jason is pummled by rookie heel Louie.

Pistol Pete looks like he isn't enjoys being toyed with by Louie too much. Louie is lean and mean... Pistol is bent, trapped and choked.


Pistol may be in great shape right now, but all that new muscle is just more of a challenge for Louie. Pete is really worked over. Louie is enjoying being the heel.

Luke gets trapped in one of Louie's patented face-to-crotch headscissors.


Louie works over well muscled (and lean) Mick. You can tell by the look on his face he really enjoys beating up on these guys.


Surprising hunk Mick... he traps him in this headscissors and destroys Mick by pounding his fantastic abs as he chokes him. Can anyone beat this guy?? He's awesome!!