Rough and Raunchy 6

versus Marc Lapoche, Romeo and Serge Legros

 Rough and Raunchy 4

versus Kid TNT, Denis Matthews and Guillaume

 Rough and Raunchy 3

versus Kid TNT, Gemini and Colin and tagteams with Kid TNT against Colin and Gemini

Rough and Raunchy 2

versus Mike and Sylvain and tagteams with Mike against Kid TNT and Sylvain

 ROUGH and Raunchy

versus Denis, Kid TNT and tagteams with Denis against Serge Legros and Kid TNT

Denis looks a little bent out of shape in Lenny's armbar/chinlock, really bending his back.....

...then some ball-grabbing...

...then some ball-grabbing with some choking...

...then is squashed by this smothering sleeper hold.

Kid TNT is held down hard by this nasty armbar...

...then pretzeled up with a chinlock/sleeper hold.

Lenny hangs on with the sleeper, almost putting TNT out.

Look at how Lenny handles the big hunk Serge with a standing armbar chokehold.


Lenny works over Sylvain's arm with a great hammerlock.


And then Sylvain suffers a big sideheadlock.


Mike gets bent a little out of shape with this unique body scissors hitting Mike's back.


And then works his legs over with this fig-4, that has Mike reeling in pain.


Lenny gets a little air, stomping Mike hard.


In the tagteam matchup, Lenny and Mike humiliate Kid TNT and Sylvain.


Lenny and Mike really work over Kid TNT, doubling up on him and hitting him with everything.

Lenny works his foot into Gemini's back while he take both his arms and yanks them way back hard.


Look how tough Lenny is on some of these guys he goes up against. He gets Gemini way up in this rack, demonstrating his power...


...and then throws this figure 4 leg lock on him for some more torture.


It's not a masterful hold, but it's effective. Lenny simply takes Colin by the ankles and knees his big basket. It works.

Kid TNT is all tied up here as Lenny controls both his arms and then works over his balls.


Then letting go of TNT's arms Lenny just grabs his thong and gives him a super-wedgie.


TNT, reeling from the ball punishment is totally dominated and lifted by Lenny up into this rack...


TNT doesn't recover and Lenny reigns in his match against the vet.


Marc Lapoche gets his balls twisted while he is locked in a powerful scissor hold by Lenny.


Big muscle hunk Serge is brought down by Lenny with this swift kick to the balls...


...and then Lenny tosses this nasty neck breaker (with legs locked in) on the big hunk.