Kid TNT has also guest refereed on a few other PWP productions. These he has wrestled in...



The Sexy Steve Compilation

versus Sexy Steve

 the Headlock Tape

versus Marc Larpoche and Serge Legros and in a 3-way with them both

 Doomed and Dominated #3

as guest referee

 Rough and Raunchy 5

versus Marc Lapoche, Romeo and Guillaume

 Rough and Raunchy 4

versus Lenny, Guillaume and Denis Matthews

 Rough and Raunchy 3

versus Lenny, Colin, Gemini and tagteams with Lenny against Colin and Gemini

Rough and Raunchy 2

versus Mike and Sylvain and tagteams with Sylvain against Mike and Lenny

Rough and Raunchy

versus Serge Legros, Lenny and tagteams with Serge against Lenny and Denis

MatAttack #2

versus Sexy Steve and Leon

the 1st Annual Wrestling Bash

versus JohnnyMax


versus Sebastian, Kid Q and Denis Richard

In the Ring

versus Billy Boy Watson, Tony Marconi and tagteams with Mike Manson against them


Leon feels one of those holds by this great technical wrestler.


Those legs are going to hurt, all that twisting and stretching.


Kid TNT's patented finishing move on poor Leon.

Kid TNT isn't as easy to beat as big Steve thought it would be.

Kid has Steve in a little trouble and pain.

And he certainly knows how to make you submit.

 Kid TNT tortures Serge's nose in this big side headlock.


Then Serge suffers in TNT's tough camal clutch.

 TNT claws Lenny's package...

 ...then Lenny gets a big bearhug...

...and is TNT mauls him with a headscissors armbar...

...leaving Lenny humiliated on the floor with a foot in his face.

In tagteam action TNT gets Lenny in this sideheadlock...

In   ... then Lenny is immobilized by TNT's longheld crab.

 Then TNT and his tagteam partner Serge work over Denis. TNT holds him with this surfboard.

TNT slaps this mighty sideheadlock on Mike and squeezes hard.


Sylvain is roughed up with this sleeper/armscissors, bending him hard and then throwing in a bit of biting for good measure


Then TNT keeps working Sylvains back over with this fantastic camel clutch. TNT is one talented wrestler.


Kid TNT gets big Serge Legros up over his knee and front headlocks the big guy into this backbreaker...


...Then Serge suffers some neck twisting and face clawing.


The Kid is a tough guy and dishes out punishment like no other in PWP. Marc Lapoche gets some of TNT's face punching as he is held in this headlock...


...and then no headlock... just face punches.


In their 3-way headlock challenge...Serge muscles a headlock on Marc Lapoche and almost has him out, when TNT jumps in and offers Serge one too...and Serge won't let go of Marc.


This is pure heaven for TNT... the two big muscle hunks Serge and Marc out cold on the mat and TNT unscathed. Brilliant match.


TNT loves to give out the ball torture. Here Lenny has his crotch maulled and bitten by TNT...


...and then still working those balls over, TNT hoists Lenny up into this rack and pulls down hard on his neck and crotch bending the poor guy WAY back.


Gemini doesn't just get a his legs stretched out, but it's done with TNT's foot bashing against his balls as he lifts him up.


TNT helps Lenny out with this fig-4 on Colin. TNT knows just what to do to add punishment to any hold. TNT rocks!!


Look at how Lenny and TNT just play with their outmuscled opponents


TNT holds the BIG muscle guy Guillaume down and squeezes his balls hard.


Then he stomps his balls with his foot too. Ball torture brings even the biggest of men down.


Lenny is in great pain as TNT punishes his package...

...and it just goes on and on for poor Lenny.


Hot man Denis Matthews suffers the same as Lenny, but is being held down in this headscissors.


Not just satisfied with this great boston crab on Marc Lapoche, TNT adds some ball torture to the hold to really screw with his opponent.


Romeo is treated to aternate gut-claws and crotch-claws as TNT fig-4's his head. TNT canhurt his man in lots of ways. He IS a great wrestler.