Filmed with an High Definition (HD) Camera

Match #1

Joey vs Dino

Match #2

Dino vs Neil

Match #3

Neil vs Joey

Match #4

Dino vs Steve

Match #5

Steve vs Joey


Neil vs Joey

Joey on top in a test of strength with Neal?

But Joey finds himself trapped in Neal's vice-like headlock.

Neal begins his attack on Joey's back with a camel clutch.

That knee is firmly planted on Joey's lower back.

Joey is caught in a body scissros...

...and Neal weakens Joey's lower back with some fist work of his own.

Squeezing leads to more pain.... eh Joey?

What's Joey to do? He has to take it like a man!

The pics say it all!

Neal is bigger and stronger....

...and Joey feels the pain of Neal's bear hug.

Joey's tight body is caught in Neal's unyielding bear hug.

The more Joey tries to break free...

...the harder Neal squeezes until...

...all the energy has been sapped from Joey.
Joey's lifeless body.

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