the Ironman


The Rebel Compilation

versus the Rebel

MatAttack #4

versus the Rebel, Danny D and goes 3 rounds with Ironman

Mat Mayhem

versus Kid Q, Leo Grand and tagteams with the Magog Mauler

Pain and Punishment

versus Studmuffin, the Quebec Cowboy and tagteams with Tarzan

the Bearhug Tape

versus Kid Q


versus Ziggy, goes 3 rounds against Sexy Steve and then tagteams with him against Danny D and Ziggy

Battling Bodies

versus 3 rounds against Sean and then tagteams with Francois Menard and the College Kid against the Animal and Sean


'Sexy Steve' in a full nelson.


'Studmuffin' and 'the Quebec Cowboy' getting a duo headlock.


'Sean' gets a schoolboy pin.


'Kid Q' all wrapped up and getting beat on.

'Ziggy' getting a neckbuster.