Guillaume: the GraveDigger


Rough and Raunchy 4

versus Kid TNT, Denis Matthews and Lenny


versus Kid TNT and Marc Lapoche

Rough and Raunchy 5

versus Marc Lapoche, Kid TNT and Romeo

Guillaume has one of the sweetest gallery pages... hot man, with brute force and he loves the ball torture... that's what we want to see, right. Here Denis Matthews' gets manhandelled by the big guy. Guillaume performs some major back punishment with a solid bearhug. Denis gets squished in that huge chest and big arms of Guillaume...

...then Guillaume racks up Denis' muscular body... continuing his assault bending him way back, and squeezing his crotch.

Denis does put up a good fight, but he gets dominated by the big, muscular hunk. Guillaume ends it with this humiliating matchbook press, flexing his big pipes.

Kid TNT too is maulled by the much bigger man. Guillaume traps TNT in those huge thighs, scissoring his neck and head. TNT's face is buried in Guillaume's crotch...flexing those huge thighs and abs.


TNT is then totally dominated by his opponent, as Guillaume lifts Kid TNT up by his balls, and twists them a while.


Then Guillaume bends TNT over his big thick shoulders and suffer some more ball punishment.


Not satisfied with his previous display of domination, Guillaume tosses TNT once again over his huge shoulders, racks him up and continues that ball torture.


And like his pin on Denis Matthews, Guillaume looks fantastic as he flexes his arms for the camera... TNT receiving Guillaume's crotch in his face. Guillaume is one sexy stud.


Lenny is another man who is totally dominated by this bohemuth of a man. Not only satisfied with controlling his man with his muscular, tight holds... Guillaume also loves that ball torture. First a reverse fig-4 headscissors, (with ball torture)...


...then Guillaume grabs onto Lenny's crotch and lifts him up over his big shoulder by his balls.


Then Guillaume applies this perfect body rack (with ball torture, of course)...and does a set of squats with Lenny...


...and like his last two bouts, he demonstrates his dominance with a beautiful crotch to face matchbook press. What power! This man is fantastic.