Sleeper 7

versus Sylvain, Jeff and The Butcher

 Special Events #3

versus Ben, Ricardo and Q-Ninja 

Rough and Raunchy 10

versus Marky, Derek and Brutus

Muscle hunk Frederick has his first match-up with PWP against another new HOT man, Marky. This test of strength has muscles straining on both men.

Look at everything flexing on Frederick's body as he scissors Marky's head and works over his arm and bicep.

Marky finds himself being muscled over by Frederick, having trouble breaking any of his holds.

Derek suffers this headscissors/double armbar, as Frederick...

...punishes every little part of Derek. Arms, legs...

...back... Derek won't soon forget what his muscular foe dishes out to him.

Frederick then has little problem tossing Derek over his big shoulders, and racking him up for the win.

Brutus offers up a serious muscle fight for Frederick. Test of strength with muscles flaring.

Brutus grimaces as Frederick has some arm torture for the big guy.


And there is little big Brutus can do as the muscle hunk has his knee to the back of his head, armbarring him on the floor.


Now using those well built legs to hurt big Brutus, Frederick throws all of that muscle into hurting him with a bodyscissors. Great muscle match-up!!