3rd Annual Wrestling Bash

versus Kid Brandon

Headlock/Scissors Combo

versus Rikki and Wesley and tagteams with Mickael against Rikki and Wesley

Brothers 2

versus Jay and tagteams with Jeremy against Jay and Kid Brandon

Sleeper 6

versus Joey, Sexy Eddie and the Rebel

Eric isn't a huge man, but he makes up for it in wrestling skill. In his matchup with PWP's house-jobber, Joey... Eric easily handles the more experienced wrestler. He puts Joey over his knee and works over his neck...

...Eric smiles as he dominates the hot, musclehunk.

Then still working Joey's neck, it's sleeper time, for a while.

Staying on that hurting neck of Joey, Eric gives his arms a little rest and goes for the leg sleeper, flexing that calf muscle around Joey's throat.

Easily dismantling young Joey, Eric puts him to sleep in a long-held sleeperhold, first standing , then sitting.

Sexy Eddie debuts with Eric on the Sleeper 6 tape. In their matchup, Eric demonstrates to the Sexy Eddie, that Eddie's beefier build isn't going to intimidate him....

Eric leg sleepers his muscled opponent, to weaken the big guy...

...Eric flexes his quads and calve muscles around Eddie's neck, and squeezes hard...

...punishing the Sexy one for a good long time.


Then he lifts the hunk up, and wraps that bicep under his chin and starts in with a long held sleeper, showing him who's boss.


After all the neck punishment, Eddie and his big build can do little to stop Eric.


Eric watches as all that young muscle toughness, slowly exit Eddie's body.


Until Eddie hot body dangles limp in Eric's clutches.


Eric is a tough guy and loves to destroy these young muscle hunks. He laughs at the competely destroyed Eddie lays in a heep on the mat.


Eric is having a great couple of matches in this taping. His biggest challenge is of course, the Rebel. A tough opponent for most wrestlers. Eric knows how to zap the energy from his opponent...

...with that ultra-tight sleeper hold of his. Even with all the great experience of the Rebel... and the Rebel's big muscular body... can he withstand Eric's tight, sexy sleeper.

With the Rebel softened up, Eric tosses this bug full-nelson on the hunk. Now he has the Rebel where he wants him.

All he has to do is make this Figure-4 leg sleeper stick and it will be ights out for the Rebel. But can Eric hang on... ??