the Brandon Compilation

tagteams with Sean against Brandon and Bad Boy

The Dyllon Compilation #2

versus Jason, Brandon, Marc, Sebastian, Bad Boy and Tyler

Hunks of PWP

versus Kid Brandon

The Dyllon Compilation

versus Laurent, Andre, the Animal, Serge Legros, Louie and Pistol Pete

 Scissors #5

versus Tyler and Dino


versus Laurent, Andre and Marc

New Era Wrestling

versus Louie and David

Villains versus Virgins

versus the Animal and Serge Legros

 the 3rd Bearhug Tape

versus Bad Boy, Brandon and tagteams with Sean

Mauled and Manhandelled

versus Sebastian, Kid Q and Pistol Pete

Dyllon throws this big crab on Pistol Pete...

...then tosses this ful nelson on him that Pete can't shake...

...then Pete suffers this big bearhug. Look at Dyllon squeeze.

Dyllon is in command of Pete as he uses a headscissors on his opponent.

Dyllon handles muscular Kid Q with this toehold chokehold.

Then he works over the legs and back on big Kid Q.


Dyllon almost pulls those big pipes of Sebastian right out.


Sebastian is solidly held by Dyllon in this full nelson.


Then Dyllon throws one of his patented toehold chokehold on the big hunk.


Dyllon fights back with this bearhug on Brandon.


Dyllon has the big Brandon in some trouble as he is trapped in this bodyscissors.


Bad Boy gets a taste if Dyllon's bodyscissors as he finds himself manhandelled a little.

Dyllon tightly holds Serge down squeezing the wind out of him with his own arms.


He then tosses this fig-4 headscissors on him, really working over that neck and choking Serge down.


Serge is in a load of trouble... Dyllon is getting cocky and checking himself out


Even big Animal has a hard time with Dyllon's fig-4 headscissors.


The Animal suffers even more in this toehold hammerlock.


Louie gets leg split and choked by the much bigger hunk.


Dyllon flexes his fine body to the onlookers of the match as he dominates poor David in this chinlock... great showman!!!


Dyllon demonstrates a solid fig-4 headscissors as he pulls his foot for back for leverage.


Andre's fantastic build is put to the test as he goes up against a vet. Dyllon really works Andre's muscular body over with combination holds like this hammerlock/chinlock.


Dyllon really takes it to Marc... here, he has a fig-4 headscissors on poor Marc and has his ankles nearly spadelling him too. OUCH!!


Look at Dyllon's arm flex as it's wrapped snug around Marc's neck. Textbook sleeper after a long held fig-4 headscissors.


He manages this standing surfboard on his BIG brother, really stretching his arms and shoulders back hard, knee dug deep into his back, and pulling apart his big chest.