Villains vs. Virgins

WOW!. A great tape with a great discovery, Mick the Newcomer. I really LOVE the way he uses his feet in his first match.

And speaking of seeing more..Dyllon's briefest of briefs got even briefer..Would love to see Dyllon vs Mick. Dream match!

Thomas from Virginia

Mauled & Manhandled

Been a while since I reviewed the vids..All the matches are good...Don't real care for Pistol Pete, so it was good to see Dyllon and then Sébastian take him apart. ..Of course seeing Dyllon destroyed by Sébastian and Kid Q was enjoyable. It was cool to see a re-match between Kid Q & Sebastian, considering it was mostly a squash the first time as Kid Q had his way with Sébastian...

Rob from Montana

Rebellion #2

This tape continues to prove how seemingly unstoppable Rebel is as he plows through all three opponents. Even Bad Boy (although somewhat injured) can't defeat him.Like seeing Big Boys like Bad Boy and Sexy Steve go at it..Hope to see more of Eric soon. Maybe an Eric vs Dyllon match? Rebel truly reigns supreme in this vid!

Rob from Montana

Mauled & Manhandled #2

This is without doubt one of your best vids ever! All I can say about Christopher is you better have him in some upcoming vids! Love to see him in the next Bear Hug tape...[I would like to see] a tag match with Kid Q & Rebel against the squashboys Michel & Christopher.

Rob from Montana

'Still by far the best videos out there. No nudity,
which is great. The gear is brief. Young, in shape,
good looking guys. Guys I would love to get on the mat
with..Keep up the good ought to open up
your tapings to a live audience. I would love to be

Marcus from Maine

Re: Bear Hug Tape:

I received the tape last thursday..Great Stuff!

Tony from Singapore

Re: Battling Bodies:

Je l'ai reçu!! Bravo!! The tape is FABULOUS Dan. It is
very erotic and the scissors are delicious!'

Rob from California

Re: Pain & Punishment/Montreal Mat Men/Canadian Studpuppy Wrestling

This is the coolest. I swear I haven't stopped
watching these tapes since I got them. (I need a
rest.) Awesome!!!
Kid Q is probably the coolest guy I've ever scene. He
Rocks!!! Also really like watching 'the Animal',
and 'Quebec Cowboy'. Both awesome looking men. But
really, all these guys are so cool to watch. What you
are doing is so good. Just wanted to let you
know that.

Thanks man, they are all
amazing!!! I will NEVER be bored again.

Greg from Alberta

Re: Pain and Punishment:

For any PWP fan out there Pain and Punishment is a must!
The match between Ironman and Québec Cowboy is intense! Both are awesome wrestlers and the best in the PWP. Look forward to a rematch between these two, Bring back the Cowboy!

Rob from Texas

Re: Battling Bodies:Part #2

I just received my order today and WOW the videos are great!
I especially appreciated Kid Q's verbal abuse of Sean (in Montreal Locker Room Wrestling: Battling Bodies Part#2) and the wrestling is absolutely pure art in motion

Jeff from Tennessee

Re: Bear Hug Tape

Are there plans for another bearhug tape?
I have the first one and think it's AWESOME!
I really enjoy your videos and loooking forward to more bearhug matches. Keep up the good work

Manny from Florida

Re: Rumble on The Dancefloor: Part 1 and Part Deux

Just got the tapes yesterday.
The tapes are great!
I do hope you are able to make more Rumble-style tapes!

Fan from Texas

Montréal Locker Room Series

Thanks for a GREAT wrestling site.
I wish you could update it EVERY WEEK but I can only imagine that it would be impossible.
The Montreal Locker Room series right now is great. I have a question to ask you..
Is Sean going to get a re-match against Konan? Konan is a BIG GUY when you compare the stats on your wrestler page (which is set up great by the way).
I hope to see Sean get as mean as necessary to gain revenge for his loss to Konan.
And like I said earlier, the site is GREAT. Thanks Dan! Keep up the great work!

John From Missouri

PWP Wrestling

I can't wait to see Steve Rush in your next video.Too hot!
Is there any chance of getting black heels to wrestle your hot guys? Most of the other wrestling companies seem to have too many or way too many ugly guys. You seem to have the opposite problem. All your guys are hunks.
I also love the dancing at the beginning of some of your videos. Again, the other video companies seem to rush into the wrestling without giving you a chance to admire all the muscles on these guys.
Anyway, keep up the good work.


PWP Wrestling

I received the two tapes yesterday afternoon and can I say
they are the finest quality tapes of the finest quality wrestling
featuring THE finest quality men!
I will order all the tapes starring Sexy Steve. He is a true wrestler and has the best body I've seen applying scissors on the mats in ages.

Wayne from R.I.


Hi Dan
Once upon the time you asked if you could use my comments in your comment box
my answer, I would be proud if you used it.
I see the 3rd scissor tape over and over again. I never get tired to see those fantastic guys having the losers head between those massive wonderfull thighs.
Pistol Pete know exactly what to do, at every chance he drag the opponenst head way up between his thighs.. Erik Legros has the greatest body walking on the planet..
ps, is it possible you at anytime make a tape with all the trash talk in English
if my spelling is terrible, please correct it
yours Kurt


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