Brutus 'the Bulldog'


3rd Annual Wrestling Bash

versus Marky

 Doomed and Dominated

versus Miguel and Bobby

Hunks of PWP

versus Marky

Rough and Raunchy 10 - Special Events 2

versus Dekker, Mike 'Mad Dog' Legros and Marky

Rough and Raunchy 10 - Special Events

versus Frederick and Derek

Rough and Raunchy 9

versus Mario, Derek and Mathieu

Brutus is a powerhouse of a man. Derek suffers greatly in this leglock surfboard hold. Brutus manhandles...

...poor Derek in every way. Brutus brutalizes the smaller man's legs and back...

...and every other little part of him. This upsidedown bearhug softens up Derek's back...

...and then big Brutus easily bends him over his knee, and chokes his beaten opponent out.

Brutus fireman carries Derek's passed out, beaten body into the lockerroom to recover from the big man's assault.

Mario gets a good feel of his much larger opponent. Derek is solid muscle. He looks great flexing those huge arms as he sideheadlocks Mario. Softening up Mario's neck/head/shoulders...

...the big man then goes to work on Mario's legs. Brutus works his opponents over piece by piece.

Mario gets boston crabbed, as Brutus has Marios hurting back in a lot of trouble. He is now easy prey...

...for anything the big muscle hunk has to dish out. What is Mario going to do in defence??!?


Brutus outsizes most of his opponents, but Frederick is built well and has such an incredibly muscular body.. The urge to bearhug that hot body is just too much for Brutus (or any wrestler).


You can see all that muscle just melting in Brutus' big arms. HOT.


And Frederick's hot muscle body is totally worked over by Brutus. This is a HOT muscle guy match-up.