Match #1


Match #2

ERIC vs Jay

Match #3


Match #4


Match #4

Kid Brandon & Jay


Jeremy & Eric

Best 2 out of 3 Falls Tag Team Matchup


Fall #1


Jeremy shows his strength as he lifts Jay above the mat and proceeds to swing him around the room.


Kid Brandon has Jeremy on the mat unable to tag his partner Eric.


Brandon is caught in Eric's head lock.


Kid Brandon tries to tag his brother Jay.


Eric has Jay on the mat in a test of strength.


Jay is caught in Jeremy's full nelson.


Jay is trapped inside Jeremy's powerful legs.


Jay wants to tag Brandon but his brother just tells him he needs to rest.


Kid Brandon has Eric's arm trapped.


Brandon suffers under Jeremy's Boston Crab.

Kid Brandon concedes and Fall #1 goes to the team of Jeremy and Eric.&


Fall #2

Kid Brandon and Jay consult during the intermission... but Brandon is caught once more by Eric's headlock.

Jay decides to swing Eric around the room.

Eric delivers a low blow to Jay.

Jay returns the favor with some hair puling.

Brandon has Jeremy in a full nelson...

...but Jeremy escapes by collapsing to the mat.

A MEAN arm bar has Brandon screaming in pain.

Brandon counters with a choke...

...but Eric has Brandon on the mat.

Jay and Brandon double team Eric with a punch to the gut.

Jay weakens his opponent with a sleeper...

...but Eric counters with a double arm bar.

Eric succumbs to Brandon's roll over... unable to escape, he concedes the fall.

The two brothers lift Eric into the air and parade him...


...around the room... Fall #2 goes to Jay and Kid Brandon.


Fall #3


The 3rd fall begins with the Brothers low blows to Eric and Jeremy.

 Eric and Jeremey can't recover because the Brothers are all over their fallen victims.


Double Boston Crabs have the other team screaming in pain... while the Brothers taunt their opponents...


...again and again the Brothers dish out the punishment.


Jeremy and Eric are helpless!!!


Now is the time for the SECRET WEAPON... Chloroform... as...


...Jay gets ready to put Jeremy away first...


...then its Eric's turn... oh how sweet it is.


Brandon and Jay lay their opponents on top of each other. Brandon puts a plastic bottle in Jeremy's trunks...


The 2 Brothers laugh at how stupid their victims are.


As Jay looks over the laid out bodies of Jeremy and Eric, Brandon gets the chlororform...


...and grabs his brother from behind... what a heinous act.

Brandon pulls his uncnscious brother's trunks as the ultimate insult and laughs as he leaves the room.


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