Bad Boy


the Brandon Compilation

Tagteams with Brandon against the Rebel and the Scottish Cowboy, and then against Sean and Dyllon

The Dyllon Compilation #2

versus Dyllon

The Rebel Compilation

versus The Rebel

Maxxed Out

versus Jean-Marc, Kid Q and Mad Maxx

the 2nd Annual Wrestling Bash

versus Mike Manson 

Rebellion 3

versus the Rebel, Scottish Cowboy and tagteams with Brandon

 the 3rd Bearhug Tape

versus Dyllon, Sean and tagteams with Brandon

MatAttack #4

versus Ironman and Danny D

the 2nd Bearhug Tape

versus the Rebel, Sexy Steve and in a Round Robin that includes all three guys

the 1st Annual Wrestling Bash

versus the Rebel


Round Robin guest appearance

Rebellion 2

versus the Rebel, Sexy Steve and Eric Legros

Introduction to Destruction

versus Sebastian, Nick, Mario and Round Robin including all four guys

Look at Bad Boy and how commanding these holds are for these guys. He looks awesome with every hold he does.

Check out this body wrapped around poor Danny D's head.


He puts all that muscle into every one of his body breaking holds.


Even the Rebel fell in one matchup. Bad Boy completely levelled the Rebel after he worked over his back with bearhugs...

...side headlocks...


...camel cluthes...


...a series of armbars... then a big single leg clutch... then a camel clutch...


...and as he slaps on a sleeper and wraps those big legs around Rebel, he says sleep...Rebel says "Nooo..."... and soon does. This set these two up for what seems to be a battle growing. Stay tuned.


Bad Boy putting all that muscle into destroying Eric Legros' leg.


This is Bad Boy's patented hold. Devistating.

Sean's arm and chest are tortured by the big Bad Boy. He also has Sean completely locked in, scissoring him with those big thighs. Ouch.


Look how the muscular Bad Boy, has Dyllon's lifeless body slung over his big shoulder and is squeezing with all his might.


Dyllon is locked in Bad Boy's big arms and is tortured by the big guy. Like a vice.


Bad Boy is bearhugging from one side and Brandon, his tagteam partner, is bearhugging from the other. They have Dyllon and Sean completely controlled and they destroy them.


The Bad One tortures most of his opponents with series of painful armbars like this one on the Rebel.


Slowly the Rebel succombs to the Bad One, held snuggly in his big arms, in this sleeper. The rivalry between these two is outstanding to watch, with every matchup. Great action

The Scottish Cowboy has a rough time in his match with PWP's big guy. Getting pulled in every direction in this legscissors armbar... and Bad Boy puts all that muscle into every hold.

Mike Manson is destroyed by the big guy. Here with an over the shoulder back breaker. He easily takes advantage with his size, shows off his wrestling talent...


...and humiliates Mr Manson in the process. Crotch to face pin in this pic. Bad Boy is awesome. Good looking and devistatingly tough.

Big Bad Boy manages to get this hard side headlock on the tough Mad Maxx.


Bad Boy can dish it out, but he finds out the hard way that Mr Maxx can take the punishment too.


Jean-Marc proves to be a good opponent for the Bad One...


...but he gets messed up good with this big bearhug


He goes muscle to muscle with another big PWP star, Kid Q. Pretty equalled in size, he gives Kid Q a lesson in how to be a heel.


He wraps those huge legs around Q's head and neck, squeezing his legs and stretching his neck out with force.


And a bad full-nelson...


...switched to a cobra sleeper, and Kid Q gets a taste of bicep. Not enough for the Bad One.