the 1st Sleeper Tape

versus Mad Maxx, Special K and the Rebel


This hot looking man gives tough guy Mad Maxx a run for his money. Look at how the Mad one struggles in this beautiful sleeper.

Then he has to slow his big opponent down with a shot to the crotch, so he can get his big sleeper back on him.

And he continues until Mad Maxx is out. And he gets in a body scissors for added torture.

Another big guy, Special K, gets a nasty sleeper too... and loses this bout to Angel.

Here's a standing sleeper on the Rebel. Lots of muscle and pressure has the Rebel grimacing in pain.

You have to see this handsome newcomer take the best of three from the amazing Rebel. A great muscle match and sleeper battle.

Look how confident his face is as he smiles at the work he's doing on the Rebel. Great match.