the Wrestlers of

Here is a look at some more of the hot looking men that have wrestled for PWP in past videos. Over the years, Dan has continually found a great bunch of muscular wrestling talent for each tape. These guys have dedicated themselves to practicing the sport and working out. Check them out... these guys are some of the hottest looking, and most muscular wrestling hunks around. Each tape is around 2 hours long, so there is lots of action to see of every guy. 

the Ironman

Another all-time favorite. Ironman is definately one of PWP's toughest guys. Tall, lean and very tough... he continually overpowers his opponents with his artillery of wrestling holds. He is always having fun on the mat.


Is RIPPED... He isn't a huge guy, but is ultralean and vascular. What a build!! He has a lot of wrestling experience with PWP, and is a great opponent.

the Scottish Cowboy

Hot muscled body, with the talent, strength and tenacity to give Bad Boy and Brandon a rough time in his rookie matches, and the Rebel a run for his money. Another guy that just gets bigger and better with every match.


A great wrestler, with a big, hot, and dominating physique. He loves to use all that muscle in all his holds, and flexes those big pipes throughout his matches. Dominating and skillful.

Simon aka Christopher

Has that tough college guy look. He holds his own well against some tough guys.


Check out the fantastic build on this hunk. A young looking guy with big arms, chest, shoulders and legs. He's an awesome fighter to watch. 


This young and beefy guy was only on one PWP tape. Big upper body with a lot of strength makes this guy a challenge. fun to watch.


Eric Legros

He's a big guy, and likes to flex that hunky body ofhis a lot. He's a very fun competitor.

Mike Manson

Has a wicked arsenal of wrestling holds. He can hurt a guy repeatedly in so many ways. Lean and muscular, he powerfully manhandels men in very dominating ways. One of PWP's most talented wrestlers.


This hot bod knows how to handle himself. He has developed a great physique and put lots of practice into his wrestling skills. Likes to flex lots in his matches, and looks great!!

Johnny Max

Very hot looking guy. Only one one tape, but is fantastic to watch.

Punishing Pat

He is one of the biggest guys that has been with PWP. Overpowering man, who has the big muscular body to back up his every hold. His skills are incredible and he is totally dominating.


Dyllon's BIG brother. The buzz about this guy was so intense that the Rebel, Bad Boy and Brandan all showed up for his first matches to see what it was all about. Laurent has a tall, muscular build, a commanding wrestling presence, and is sure to be a force to wreckon with in tapes to come.

Danny D

Young stocky guy, that is a handful at times. Creative and talented with his holds, he wrestles well.


Big built powerful man who easily manhandels his opponents. Only on one tape. Too bad!!! Hot, hot, hot!!!


Lean and mean, Louie is a born contender. His signature smile conceals his sinister attitude towards his opponents. Watch out for his stomach driver.


His long hair is his trademark, along with his great build. His way of dominating his matches is with a lot of pounding. His opponents suffer.


His baby face, clean good looks combined with a muscular body make him the perfect squash buddy. Large or small, his opponents LOVE to make him suffer.